If you give up now you will never know

We hope everyone had a good Memorial Weekend.  This newsletter was written by one of our subscribers,  Simone Hardy @ www.simonehardy.kw.realty.com

if you give upIf you give up now you will never know

Fear.  Fear of rejection.  Frozen.  Can’t move. Why? Because you’re afraid to take that next step into your dream life.  I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all experienced this at some point in our life.  No matter what the situation is, we all get to a point where we may become frozen in fear.  For the larger majority of us, this results in us coming to a complete stop.   However, for those of us who have pushed through the fear, success, completion, and achievement – Wusaa! Is on the other Side.

How do you get past the fear?  Simple. FAITH. Is it easy?  Obviously not; because so many more of us would do it and my words would be unnecessary. Let me share some of my story.

I always wanted to be rich.  When I was a little girl I heard about how penny stocks could make you rich and my thinking from a child’s perspective was since penny stocks only cost pennies and I have a whole jar of them, I could use them to buy my penny stocks and be rich in no time. Well, of course, there was more to it than that but I was eight. I was always searching for that “how to get rich” shiny object or thing. I read books. I attended seminars. I purchased courses.

I joined different network marketing opportunities. I was looking for different coaches and mentors to attach myself to.  I signed up on everyone’s list that I thought could give me what I was looking for. This went on for a few years until something happened. “It” started clicking.  What is “It” that I am speaking of?  I can break “It” down into two words – BELIEF AND CONFIDENCE.  All of the books I had been reading, all of the seminars I had attended, all of the courses I had purchased, and all of the email lists that I was on started something to begin taking place in the one place I didn’t even bother to look – on the inside of myself.

The clicking that was getting louder was me stepping into my power. The clicking  was me starting to make sense of myself and realizing that the knowledge I had been gathering was about myself and “Myself” was gaining the one thing that I lacked – BELIEF in myself.  Mike Dillard said, “Belief always comes before results” in his most famous networking marketing book, Magnetic Sponsoring. That is what takes place. I started to believe in myself and know that I have everything I need inside of me to achieve whatever goals, dreams, and lifestyle that I deserve and desire.

Another great mentor, Mr. Tycoon wrote in his book, Success is not a Secret, It’s a System, “Knowing means complete conviction.” It starts with belief and leads to knowing and when you know something in your gut no one can dare take it from you, right?  For instance, when you are on that new job and you’ve been there a few weeks or months and everything is starting to click. You know how to complete the project that the boss is in a rush to receive and there’s no one around but you and you know you’re on your own and now you step out on Faith knowing from inside, ”I got this, piece of cake”–Boom.  You’ve done it.  You have completed the project, task or assignment and you did it on your own. No one can mess with you. Ha! You Bad just like Michael Jackson!

Now you know. You have complete conviction which leads to your confidence – Your Power. You have stepped out on Faith and you know that you will not fail and even if you do, you know that you have all of the resources to handle whatever comes your way because you have taken that leap of faith and landed on the other side of the Fear. You now know the False Evidence that Appeared Real is no longer anything to be feared only faced head on and pushed through. No worries. Not there yet? I will believe in you. You can stand on my shoulders until you can stand in your own power and take your place among giants living your dream.


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-The 713 Training Team

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