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Victoria Ring began her legal career in 1977 as a legal typist. Back in those days, law firms sought out exceptional typists to type documents.  (The job role as a paralegal did not exist at that time.) Since Victoria graduated from high school with a typing speed of 90 words per minute, she worked for many law firms as a “floater” typist.  She choose to work in this capacity so she could be exposed to all areas of law as well as trying her hand at various types of careers to determine what she enjoyed the most.

Today, Victoria Ring is an author, publisher and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the small business marketing field combined with 32 years experience in the legal  field. She has published and authored 22 books, hundreds of articles as well as a series entitled  “Victoria’s Reports” which centered around the topic of marketing and building a successful freelance business working from home.  Her legal articles are published on her blog at which she updates almost on a weekly basis.  Victoria says: “Rarely does  a day go by that I do not write something. To me, writing is the same as breathing. If I do not write something, I will suffocate.”

Additionally, Victoria Ring is a Certified Paralegal and Debtor Bankruptcy Specialist. She obtained  her Associate’s Degree in Business Management from Columbus Business University (1986) and her Associates in Paralegal Studies from Ashworth College (2001).  Her Certified Paralegal Certificate was obtained from the Constitutional Educational Research Foundation of California and her Certified Bankruptcy Assistant Certificate from the Association of Bankruptcy Judicial  Assistants.

Victoria Ring was also the developer of the virtual bankruptcy assistant field that provides online paralegal services to bankruptcy attorneys nationwide. After building a successful business of her own (The Lawyer Assistant), she discovered a great lack of education in the drafting of well-detailed bankruptcy petitions. In 2003, Victoria began training these skills to attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and other professionals. Today, Victoria has personally assisted thousands of people in starting their own successful virtual bankruptcy home business.

In addition, she developed the VBA Certification Exam.  This exam was the first test of its kind to accurately measure the administrative and petition drafting skills of bankruptcy assistants. She also founded the National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants at

Victoria Ring is also a popular speaker. Her style of training is unique because she has the ability to make learning exciting for the audience. Here are just three of the hundreds of testimonials she has received from attendees at conferences she has spoken at:

“I learned more from Victoria Ring in one day than I have learned in the paralegal course I enrolled in. Victoria makes everything simple to understand and her compassionate personality allowed me to feel comfortable in participating in the group discussions.” J.P, Dayton OH

“Thank you Victoria for an excellent seminar. You were so kind to answer everyones questions in  simple, easy-to-understand terms. What I enjoyed the most is that you did not stand at the podium and read a rehearsed speech. Instead, your ability to interact with the entire audience on an “ad-lib” basis demonstrates the traits of a true professional.” K.R, Columbus OH

“Victoria Ring knows more about bankruptcy petitions than any attorney or paralegal I know.” Matthew Williamson, Esq., Monterey CA

Victoria Ring currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She never married but has two adopted sons: Michael Misenheimer (Atlanta GA) and Luther “Gary” New (Zanesville OH) who are now productive adults.  The freedom of having a great amount of time to herself has allowed Victoria an opportunity to dedicate her life to her businesses as well as spending time in prayer with Jesus Christ.