What is a VBA’s Going Rate?


VBA’s Going Rate Explained


VBA's Going RateNow that you have become a VBA, the all-important question of income comes up. What is a VBA’s going rate? What is the amount per petition?

First, Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (VBAs) get paid by the attorneys that they work for. How much they get paid, how often they are paid and any other details surrounding payment is determined by the attorney the VBA works for.

There is no set amount of pay per petition. You may set your prices at whatever you feel your services are worth, and what attorneys are willing to pay. To give you some guidelines, we suggest that you not charge anything less that $300 for a Chapter 7 and not less than $400 for a Chapter 13. There are however VBAs that are being paid much more, simply because their work is worth more.

There is so much bankruptcy petition work out there compared to the number of people trained to work virtually drafting petitions, it will be years before the market will be saturated, if ever. Because of the volume of work available, more and more attorneys are getting into bankruptcy every day, thus needing more assistants to help draft petitions.

Becoming a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a lucrative field that is continually growing and is in high demand. Visit us at www.713training.com and get started on your training today.

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