“Which bankruptcy software product should I use?”.

We are often asked “What bankruptcy software product do you recommend”

bankruptcy softwareOur answer is that 713 Training does not recommend a particular bankruptcy software program. We use Best Case in our training videos, simply because it seems to be easier for people to learn. One nice thing is that most of the bankruptcy software makers provide a demo of their software that you can download and try out.  This includes Best Case, whose trial is fully functional, except that you can’t electronically file petition, and printed copies of petitions have the word “Demo” across them. We recommend that you don’t purchase a bankruptcy software program until you have downloaded the demo and tried it out several of them, to see which one you like.  You also won’t need to make the purchase until you have an attorney sending you work. Furthermore, some of the bankruptcy software makers provide their software for FREE, such as is the case with New Hope Software (www.BankruptcySoftware.com); you just have to agree to only prepare petitions for attorneys using their software. Nearly half of all bankruptcy attorneys use Best Case, with the next most popular products being New Hope Software, EZ-Filing, and Bankruptcy Pro, but we have listed several others for your review: Best Case Bankruptcy Best Case Software www.bestcase.com (800) 492-8037 New Hope Software www.bankruptcysoftware.com (800) 532-7114 EZ-Filing EZ-Filing Inc. www.ezfiling.com (800) 998-2424 BankruptcyPro Legal Pro Systems www.legal-pro.com (800) 887-0939 Collier TopForm LexisNexis www.bender.com (800) 223-1940 Thomson West www.west.thomson.com/chap7/ (800) 762-5272 Blankrupter North Winds Inc. www.nwinds.com (724) 838-8993 Bankruptcy Case Software Ruth Technology Corp. www.lawfirmsoftware.com (800) 350-8262 Forms Workflow Solution American LegalNet www.formsworkflow.com (818) 817-9225 WBank Puritas Springs Software www.puritas-springs.com (330) 278-3252 Bankruptcy Disks www.lawdisks.com 516-741-5740 Bankruptcy Master www.bankruptcymaster.com 609-439-2026 Join our LinkedIn group: www.linkedin.com/companies/713training.com-llc Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/713Trainingcom/112903945407672 Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/713TrainingDisclaimer: We at 713Training.com not attorneys; any information provided by 713 Training should not be considered legal advice.  The information in this article, and any other materials provided by 713 Training, whether delivered verbally, written or via any other means, including electronic/digital delivery and storage, is for training purposes only, and is intended for individuals who work under the direction of a licensed attorney.

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