Upcoming Seminar for VBA’s and Bankruptcy Attorney’s

Ch 7-Ch13 Bankruptcy and Master Marketing Seminar &                          Chapter 13’s Made Easy Seminar

Follow the Link to Sign Up: http://www.713training.com/categories/Seminars/

DATE:  Friday, March 30th and Saturday 31st, 2012

TIME:  9:00am – 5:00pm Each Day

LOCATION: Sandy, Utah 84070 (20 minutes from Airport)

With the knowledge you will learn at the exclusive and unique Ch7-CH13 Bankruptcy and Marketing Master Seminar and Chapter 13’s Made Easy seminar, you can immediately and confidently begin accepting and professionally completing bankruptcy work.


Heath Isaacs, Bankruptcy Attorney
Ann Marie Bright, Bankruptcy Paralegal
Scott Simons, President, 713Training.com
Special Guest


Friday – March 30, 2012

1.  Avoiding the “Gotchas” and Getting a Bankruptcy Case to Discharge (Chapter 7 and 13)

  • Understand the “Deadly” Timelines/Deadlines
  • How to Handle Cash Advances
  • How to Handle Divorces / Court Ordered Debts
  • How to Handle Child Support and Alimony
  • Understand Cross Collateralization

2.      Utilizing Pre-Bankruptcy Planning to Avoid Post-Filling Headaches

  • How to Determine When a Debt is or isn’t Dischargeable
  • How to Manage Non-Exempt Assets
    • Income Tax Refunds
    • Property Settlements
    • Cash
    • Excess Vehicle Equity
  • Moving Assets Prior to Filing
  • Insider Tips and Tricks to Bank Accounts

3.     When Should a 7 Really be a 13?

  • Learn to Recognize the Often Overlooked Advantages of a 13
  • When Striping-2nd and 3rd Mortgages is possible
  • Managing Mortgage Arrears
  • Stopping Foreclosures and Keeping Modifications Alive
  • Utilizing the Co-Debtor Stay
  • Managing Non-Dischargeable Priority Debt

4.      Marketing

  • Attorney’s-How to get more Clients
  • VBA’s-How to get more Attorneys 


  • Timelines/Deadlines Spreadsheet
  • And More


Saturday – March 31, 2012

1.    Mastering Chapter 13

  • How to Write and Confirm Chapter 13’s
  • Learn each Step from Consultation to Confirmation
  • How to Calculate a Chapter 13 Plan Payment like a Pro
  • The Secrets to Quick Confirmation

2.   Mastering the Means Test

  • Learn the Tricks that Satisfy the Trustee and Serve your Client
  • Discover the Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid them

3.   How to Strip a Mortgage from Residential Real Estate

  • Learn to Strip 2nd and 3rd Mortgages
  • Add additional fees to be paid to the attorney from the plan
  • Learn to research best practices in your jurisdiction
  • How to draft the Motions, Pleadings and Letters

4.    Perform Real Time Drafting and Calculation of a Chapter 13 Plan

  • You’ll not Only Learn the Skills, but Put them to the Test
  • Analyze and perform each step in a complex sample Chapter 13
    • Intake – Drafting – Plan Calculation – Confirmation

5.    Learn Often Overlooked Chapter 13 Tricks

  • Stripping 2nd and 3rd Mortgages
  • Stripping liens on other collateral
  • How to Keep a 3rd Vehicle
  • How to help Debtors keep Extra Real Estate
  • Handling non-filing Spouse cases
  • Much more!

6.   Marketing

  • How to Start, Grow and Sell your VBA Business

Free Gifts For Attending Day Two- Over $200 Value

  • Sample Pleadings
  • Sample Affidavits
  • Lien Stripping Package – Pleadings and Letters
  • Case Management Software
  • More!

For more information on the Seminar or to sign up call 713Training or click on the following link: http://www.713training.com/categories/Seminars/

We hope to see to see you there.


-The 713 Training Team


Disclaimer: We at 713Training.com not attorneys; any information provided by 713 Training should not be considered legal advice.  The information in this article, and any other materials provided by 713 Training, whether delivered verbally, written or via any other means, including electronic/digital delivery and storage, is for training purposes only, and is intended for individuals who work under the direction of a licensed attorney.

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