How Economic Hardship Affects Your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service

Even if you live under a rock you have heard about and have likely felt the effects of the current economic hardship that has spread around the globe. As a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant you can rest assured that the bankruptcy filings will continue at a high rate as the economic instability continues. The demand for the type of service a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant offers has never been greater, and will long be a need in the bankruptcy marketplace. 

What Attorneys Are Saying receives numerous contacts by phone and email each month regarding both Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and training on how to perform chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies. Attorneys recognize, both new and veteran alike, that there is a large demand for bankruptcy service. Consumer bankruptcies are nearly double from where they were just five years ago, and are continuing to rise. 

Many attorneys are seeking competent Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and reach out to students of through the National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants found online at There are attorneys who are in the process of totally converting their entire practice to bankruptcy because they see the ever-increasing amount of filings. Other attorneys who have never practiced bankruptcy before are opening new law firms and many of them are seeking to hire virtual assistants to keep their overhead costs low. The attorneys who are solely practicing bankruptcy are hiring more staff, looking for virtual assistants to use as their backup systems and gearing up for a large workload in the near future.

If attorneys are upgrading and expanding their practices, there is certainly no question that your job as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is more than secure. The only problem is that many of you do not have a lot of experience. You have purchased the training materials and learned the basics, but in order to improve on that knowledge you need bankruptcy petitions to work with and learn from. It’s kind of like a Catch 22 situation and we certainly understand your problem. However, it is up to each and every one of you to stand up, take the bull by the horns and put your knowledge to the test by working directly for bankruptcy attorneys.

It is hard for to believe, but once you get out there and start working, you will discover that because you purchased training materials from 713Training.Com, you have more knowledge than most of the law firm staff. Why? Here are only two of the reasons: (1) Most debtor bankruptcy personnel are burned out after 2 years and bankruptcy law firms have high turnover rates when it comes to keeping employees; and (2) Most attorneys know the law but they do not know how to properly prepare a well-detailed bankruptcy petition, let alone a Chapter 13 Plan. This means that the law firm staff receives little or no training in preparing the actual petition. 

If you have not purchased any training materials at this time, visit:

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Take Advantage of Training and Support

If you have not joined the NAVBA already, do it now. The NAVBA will give additional credibility to you and your services, and best of all it will be a place where attorneys can locate you. Many members of the NAVBA have stated that the only marketing they did was be a member. It may take longer than actively marketing to attorneys, but many members of the NAVBA have expressed their appreciation for the benefits to their service that the NAVBA provides.

To learn more about the NAVBA visit the site today! NAVBA.ORG

Take Advantage of Training and Support

We have spoken to many of you via phone and email, and many have stated that you are afraid to start marketing to attorneys, because you do not believe you have enough experience to do a petition. First of all, read the marketing book (see link above) because this will convince you to move forward. Secondly, We have developed a wide range of services that provide you with ongoing training and support so you cannot fail.

One excellent service is to provide you with a Bankruptcy Petition Review. This means that 713Training.Com will review your bankruptcy petition, correct any errors and teach you how to improve your skills. Then, when you return the first draft to your attorney, he or she will be pleased with your detail and accuracy. In other words, we make you look good. After a few times, you should pick up most of the skills and only need to contact us in the future when you encounter unique situations that need addressing. Until you get out there and start working as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant you may not be able to understand how beneficial and crucial this service is for you. But keep in mind that 713Training.Com is here to help you. You are never alone. Now, get out there and start working for attorneys!

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Disclaimer: We at not attorneys; any information provided by 713 Training should not be considered legal advice.  The information in this article, and any other materials provided by 713 Training, whether delivered verbally, written or via any other means, including electronic/digital delivery and storage, is for training purposes only, and is intended for individuals who work under the direction of a licensed attorney.

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